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Get high
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High weed shirt
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Product image 4Stoner clothing
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Get High Thinker - Men's weed shirt

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You probably never thought you needed a weed shirt with an ancient statue getting high right? Me neither but it’s a damn cool shirt, isn’t it? 

We only print on very high quality t-shirts and work together with one of the best print manufacturers around to provide you a top quality t-shirt. Not satisfied? No problem at all. You can get your money back or change your order without any reason.

Read the manual they said.. Well this is kind of the same, but more useful!

  • Unisex size. Retail fit. Model runs a bit longer in body length
  • Tee is made of first class cotton, that’s why it feels so super soft and comfortable to wear
  • 100% No Sweatshops & Eco-Friendly
  • Machine washable, look inside for washing instructions

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We don't like some surprises either, so we decided that the price of the shirt is the final price you pay. That means no additional costs of shipping, handling, tax, etc. at the end of the checkout. Fair enough right?

Weed Tailor's size guide

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What's almost as annoying as having the munchies but not having food at home? Right! Ordering the wrong T-shirt size. That is why we made this size guide. So you can enjoy your shirt right away and don't have to get in the hassle of returning your brand new shirt.

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