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 Weed shirts

When I (Martin White) grew up as a young child in a small village I was quite an outcast, at school it was not exactly going well. Kind of a late bloomer. In my youth I was pretty early with smoking my first joint and I soon felt like a true stoner.


At that time (1995) I regularly went to our capital Amsterdam with friends to smoke together in a coffee shop. In Amsterdam there was no shortage of weed-related stuff because at the time, the Netherlands was the only place in the world where smoking weed was legal. Boutiques, second-hand clothing shops, tourist shops, coffee shops, smart shops, everything sold some weed related stuff.

But what struck me was that I couldn’t find any beautifully designed weed shirts or other cool weed merchandising whatsoever.


In the end, not paying attention at school led to a long learning path, which eventually resulted in graphic design education and after that art academy.

Slowly, the two things I enjoy doing the most came together: smoking weed, and designing stuff. At one point I knew I had to go for it and start my own weed shirt shop.

 Pile Weed Shirts

My goal was to design cool weed t-shirts that are unique in their design and cannot be found anywhere else. My goal when creating a new weed shirt has always been that it should be a print of which I sit back and think “What a freaking cool shirt, I really want to wear that!”


I noticed pretty soon after I got started and the business was taking off that since the legalization of marijuana in many parts of the United States, my t-shirts have become more and more popular over there. That eventually led to working with a printing company and also a t-shirt producer in the United States so that my products ordered in the US can be made locally. This ultimately results in a much lower environmental footprint and of course also shorter delivery times on my products and lower shipping costs and therefore cheaper products. A win-win situation for everyone!

Cool weed shirts

Despite the fact that it is still a relatively young company, things are going really well and I work together with other creatives to make the product line more beautiful, better and above all more original. Our goal is to become the number 1 weed t-shirt shop, where everyone - young, old, fat thin, white, black, purple, whatever - can find a weed shirt that suits him or her.


Thank you for giving us the opportunity to make our dreams come true.
Love, peace and stay blazed. 

The Weed Tailor team

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